Chunky Carnelian and Turquoise Cuff


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The ultimate in contemporary luxury and chic by this internationally collected master of minimal design and maximal effect.

Na Na Ping is renowned for the elegance and simplicity of his designs, and the luxurious materials he uses.

This breathtaking bracelet sums up all these qualities.

The material used in the beautifully varied stones is carnelian, a form  of red chalcedony, first found in beads from the middle of the 5th millennium BC!

It was highly prized as a gemstone during ancient Roman times, and by the ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Greeks and Etruscans, as well.  It is still highly valued in Eastern Asa and China.

Here and now, this Master jeweler has inlaid chunks of natural carnelian in a sturdy, base of sterling silver.

The pattern and depths in every stone are random; the variety of geometric forms is matched by the variety of markings and depths of color within each stone.

Characteristically, each inlaid chunk of carnelian ranges from barely pink and translucent, to a deep, solid, earthy red.

Light, bright, dark, marbled, mottled, and solid, this beautiful variety in the stones gives the bracelet an opulently rich appearance.

The artist placed a small triangle of high-grade, natural Kingman turquoise on one side.

Its brilliant teal blue is a striking complement to the warm russet hues of the carnelian, making each material stand out even more.

The sterling silver base is barely visible at the edges, offering just a glimpse of icy gleaming, here and there.

When the cuff is seen from the sides, however, the band of brilliantly polished silver is another, wonderful contrast to the warm hues of the carnelian.

As always, the artistry is in the details: placing the hand-cut stones in irregular sizes and depths, so that some edges stick up above others, adds immense visual interest and energy to the bracelet.

A fabulous stone, both in intrinsic beauty and historical interest, carnelian couples its fabled allure with the equally exceptional talent of this jewelry artist, resulting in a magnificent bracelet that is one of a kind.

Not only a statement piece that can be worn every day, if you like, this bracelet is a marvelous conversation piece, given the fascinating origins of carnelian.

Earth and sky, carnelian and blue turquoise, are joined in this extraordinary bracelet, by a world-famous artist.

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