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Chrysocolla Posts


Almost-squares of marbled teal/brown chrysocolla in simple toothed bezel and narrow, polished border.

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A Master of inlay and color, this eminent jeweler has left these fascinating stones on their own, highlighting their mysterious and unique beauty. Chrysocolla is a product of copper mines, like turquoise, and has the vivid, deep teal blue found in stones around copper ore (like Bisbee, Tyrone, and Morenci turquoise).  Although not turquoise, the deep blue hues are very similar. These specimens of chrysocolla are lavishly marbled with its characteristic brown matrix, and the resulting patterns are gorgeous.

Wise in experience, artistry and skill, the artist has chosen to fabricate a simple silver frame for these intriguing stones. Unusual, modern, and tailored to be worn anywhere in the world. And with the expected Tommy Jackson panache and expertise.

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Natural Chrysocolla, Sterling Silver


3/4" long x 7/8" wide