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Chrysocolla Pendant


Simple pendant of  hand-cut and -polished chrysocolla, set in sterling silver.

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A simple, and simply lovely, pendant by this accomplished jeweler, one of the famous and gifted Eustace siblings. The unusual stone is chrysocolla, a relative of chalcedony, chryoprase, and azurite. It is visibly hand -cut, with the various planes reflecting the light.

Set in sterling silver, the pendant boasts three loops, rather than the usual one. Two of these can hang down on either side of the pendant, or can be used to hang it  passing the chain or cord through both of them. You decide how you feel like doing it! The silver loops are rounded, ample, and gleaming – a signature of this artist.

The stone is a rich green, overlaid with darkly handsome matrix. There are tiny glints of pyrite, or some other metallic mineral, apparent here and there in the matrix, depending on the light. The visible planes resulting from cutting the stone, give it a sculptural look, beautifully contrasting with the sleekly finished silver.

Arresting, hand fabricated even to the stone, and beautifully finished, this is an unusual, and unusually well-priced pendant.

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Chrysocolla, Sterling Silver


1 1/2" long x 3/4" at widest