Chocolate Serpentine Lizard


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Lance Cheama’s award-winning animal carvings are famous for being detailed, naturalistic and very special. The Cheama family is regarded as among the three leading fetish carver families, working today.

This lizard is an especially characteristic piece, exhibiting Lance’s long thin lines and life-like detail. The lizard is carved into very fine cross-hatched “skin”, with a gaping mouth.

His legs and paws are equally detailed, even on the undersides. Bright turquoise eyes protrude realistically; and the pre-historic scales along the spine are clearly delineated.

The long tail is curled protectively – a carving tour-de-force favored by this artist – and he looks ready to scoot at a nanosecond’s alarm.

All one piece, of course, this wonderful lizard is true to nature in every detail. A typical triumph of observation and skill, by this famous carver.



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Chocolate Serpentine, Turquoise


5 1/4" L x 5/8" H x 1 1/2" W