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Chiseled “Surprise” Cuff


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First surprise: A Chino from Acoma Pueblo who is a respected jeweler, instead of a respected potter!

This elegantly understated cuff is incised with the angular spirals recognizable from pottery designs.

They refer, traditionally, to wind and storms, omens of rain – the most precious resource in the high desert.

Rain helps crops to flourish, so the symbols imply happiness, good health, and abundance.

The symmetrical designs cover the entire surface of the bracelet, which has been lightly brushed into a vertical pattern.

There are two narrow bands of stepped designs on the very ends, denoting rain and lightning.

Second surprise: This frosted look resembles things seen through a driving rainfall; not just handsome artistry, but traditional good-luck symbolism, as well.

The workmanship is excellent, and the angular designs are revealed with great subtlety.

Third – and greatest – surprise: On the interior of the cuff, the entire design is repeated, incised on brilliantly polished silver!

The Navajo believe in beauty all around; inside, as well as outside. This concept seems to have been adopted by the artist, who is Pueblo.

With a frosted look on the exterior and scintillating polish on the inside, it seems like the design displays two sides of a rainstorm: propulsive rain obscuring everything from sight, and the sparkling look of the land when the sun comes out, again.

Intriguing in concept, and expert in fabrication, this bracelet is a fascinating conversation piece, as well as extremely handsome -and a very good buy.

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

6" + 1 1/4" gap | 7 1/4" all around


1 1/8" wide