Chiseled Ranger Set Buckle


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A recognized master of hand stamping, and called “the best woman silversmith working” by a top award-winning peer, this artist can do anything.

This ranger set is exceptional in the heavy gauge of silver, the elegant design, and the flawless execution. All of these are standard, for this renowned prize-winner.

Every bit of the buckle set is hand made, of substantial sterling, including the working parts.

Her remarkable, deep and precise stamp and chisel work is displayed in a creative, modern design, based on Navajo rug patterns.

With plenty of highly polished, plain silver to shimmer and shine in the light, the sharply graphic designs stand out in contrast.

No detail is too small for this meticulous artist: notice the shapely form of the tongue of the buckle, and the sturdy hinge that holds your belt.

This handsome ranger set will enhance business clothes, casual jeans, and everything in between, whether for a man, or a woman (you can share!).

Superlative workmanship, creatively classic design, and a famous maker; a solid piece that is a solid buy for now, and generations to come.

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Buckle is 2" L x 1 1/2" W | Keepers are 5/8" W x 7/8" L | Fits Belt 3/4" W


Sterling Silver