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Chief’s Blanket Pattern Rug


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This variation of a Third Phase Chief’s Blanket design has the same dynamic movement and vivid colors as the highly collected and wildly expensive originals, which date to the 19th century.

Finely woven of natural fleece, the weaver called this rug a “Family Prayer Rug”.

The center escutcheon is plain, to accept the cornmeal offerings that accompany Navajo prayers. T

his warm grey is natural fleece, as is the white.

The red, blue, and black are analine dyes of  natural wool fleece.

Despite the lively pattern of stripes and squares, there is a lovely balance to the composition of the design.

Notice how the center diamond shape is repeated in the larger design, as well as the myriad little squares, which are diamond shapes at a different angle.

Brilliant color is anchored by the black borders and squares, while the bright white squares seem to sparkle.

The plain grey area is repeated at each corner, which also rests the eye.

Historically correct, eye-popping color and balanced geometry combine to create a rug that will enliven a contemporary setting, as well as country, southwestern, eclectic…

Name your style; this rug will enhance it.

Use it horizontally or vertically, on the floor, a wall, a table, a sofa or a bed.

Strikingly dramatic, and impeccably woven, this is a graphic knockout that brings the past into the future.


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