Chiefs Blanket Olla


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This young weaver combines the design and color of Navajo chiefs’ blankets with the form of a traditional Navajo pottery olla, in this dramatic basket. Thus, she has linked three art forms in one boldly handsome basket.

Basketry is a formidably difficult art. It requires time, patience, and skill, with nimble and toughened fingers.

A  good size, this beauty is large enough for a design statement, yet small enough to be flexible for placement – it will fit on mantels, shelves or tables, with ease.

The form is balanced, symmetrical, and confidently rotund; the weave is crisp and clean. Natural, dried and split yucca leaves form the creamy background, with dyed red ones and natural black devil’s claw.

A splendid example of traditional, basket-making, in a contemporary, uncommon, form.



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Natural and Dyed Yucca


7 1/2" high x 8" diameter