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“Cheii Meets Lightning and Wins” Cuff


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A handsome, well-executed cuff in gleaming copper, by an artist who recently embarked on a second (or third) career.

Although he has appreciated art throughout his life, JJ concentrated on his career in IT, and a passion for music, for almost 25 years.

Not too long ago, shake-ups in the IT field led to his return to the reservation, and a new career as a jeweler.

This bracelet combines traditional lore and techniques, with contemporary materials, resulting in a classic look in an unexpected, but beautiful, metal.

Clean hand-stamping creates a narrow border on either edge of the cuff; a stylized horned toad dominates the center.

The horned toad, “Cheii”, is a sacred creature for the Navajo. If one is found, and is able to be held, corn meal is sprinkled on it,  and a prayer recited.

His tough exterior protected him – and, by extension, the Navajo people, from harm, through the dangers of the origin stories.

Forked shapes on either side of the cuff represent lightning; the artist entitled it “Cheii Meets Lightning and Wins”.

Not only well-made – and dazzling, in warm, glowing copper – the design brings you protection and good luck, too.

Welcome, JJ Otero!

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Wrist Size

5 5/8" + 1 1/2" gap | 7 1/8" all around


1 1/8" wide