Charoite and Silver Posts

Everett & Mary Teller


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Gorgeous color, handsomely textured silver, an interplay between round and straight lines; these are lusciously decorative earrings with presence. This husband and wife are making increasingly interesting pieces, and keeping them at happy price points.

Splendid, blue-violet charoite rises high out of a sparkling silver background. The marbled aspect of the stone gives it a luminous depth, while the unique texture on the silver complements the random markings. Voluptuous ovals, the stones also contrast with the geometric squares of the silver. The crosses are an ancient Native symbol, hoping that the blessing – in this case, the beauty – of the piece will extend to all four corners of the earth.

You will be happy to wear these ravishing earrings in all four corners of the earth, and they will beautify your every day, at home, as well. The lovely color of the stones really is a neutral: it goes with black, white, grey, beige, brown, red, green orange, yellow….even all of the above together! Enjoy these unusual beauties in every season.

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Charoite, Sterling Silver


1 1/4" square, Stone is 7/8" long x 5/8" wide

Earring Sizing

Earrings are measured by length and width. The measurements for french hooks (dangles) are taken from the spot the hook hangs down from your ear, and the measurements for posts and clip-ons are taken from the earring top to bottom. The width is taken from the widest part of the earring.