Charoite and SIlver Cuff


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Albert signs the pieces, but collaborates with his twin, Alfred, on their superbly crafted jewelry.

Their style reaches back to the traditional Navajo jewelry features of fabulous stones supplemented by silver work.

The aim, then, was to dazzle you and proclaim the status of the wearer. Now, it’s about the same, with the novelty of proclaiming the maker’s skill and artistry, as well.

This generically classic bracelet showcases the refined workmanship, exceptionally heavy silver, and exquisite stone, they are known for.

Heavy gauge silver, precisely fashioned, sets off the superlative, large, natural purple charoite stone.

Charoite is a rare mineral, found only in Siberia.

Named for the local Chara river, it typically has a swirling marble-like appearance and can range from pale lavender to the gorgeously rich purple seen here.

Known only since 1978, it is treasured for the beautiful color and markings. The stone in this bracelet is unusual for its magnificent color, markings and size.

The silver plays a supporting role to this spectacular beauty, but with plenty of style of its own.

The classic two- or three-bars of the traditional Navajo bracelet is here made of four, lusciously rounded and substantial bars, fused toward the ends but partly open for comfort.

On either side of the incredible charoite, a substantial vertical bar of silver is flanked by a twisted silver rope, then a narrower silver bar and a series of silver domes, graduated in size from small, to largest in the center.

The gleam and glitter of the polished silver points up the exquisite serenity of the majestic stone.

This bracelet is an updated version of classic Navajo style. However, it is surpassingly more refined and beautifully finished.

And, of course, it showcases a matchless, rare stone.

Fit for a king or queen, yet perfectly at home with casual clothes, you will enjoy wearing it – often.

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