Ceremonial Fan Set

Melvin Roanhorse



A true collector’s item, this set of Native American Church ceremonial pieces is rare and beautiful.

It is complete: Peyote fan, collapsible dance stick, and peyote rattle, all meticulously beaded in vibrant colors.

There is amazingly intricate hand work involved in these pieces.

Refined hand work is seen not only in the flawless beading, but in the astonishingly seamless gradations of feathers, from white to deep hues, mimicking the rainbow.

Similar care is taken with the rainbow arrangement of the colored threads on the top part of the dance stick, and the little round beads on each feather of the fan.

Close-ups of these can be viewed in the smaller photos to the right.

The very long dance stick comes apart into four separate pieces, for ease of carrying and storage.

The vibrantly hued beads form a variety of designs.

Included in the beaded design, are  white, black-tipped eagle “feathers” against a background of grass green.

Eagle feathers, of course, carry prayers to the heavens, it is believed.

The dance rattle is topped with dyed horse hair, intermingled with natural parrot feathers.

Natural parrot feathers are wrapped around the base, above a circlet of rainbow-hued beads.

The beaded handle goes right through the gourd, which is pierced at both ends.

Snowy white, bleached deerskin forms a long tassel at the very end of the rattle.

The fan itself consists of long guinea fowl feathers, along with three, long, natural parrot feathers; a multi-hued one in the center, and palest yellow-white at each side.

Shorter parrot feathers are subtly intermingled.

Some of these are painted with a graduated stepped pattern, or black-painted edges.

The stems of the long feathers are wrapped with rows of short feathers, ranging from pale yellow to purple and black.

The beads below also form a rainbow effect.

White deerskin forms a long tassel at the end of the handle, which is beaded in a pattern of eagle feathers and other designs, similar to the dance stick.

This is a very unusual, important, and visually stunning set.

The workmanship is impeccable, the result of countless tedious hours of patient skill.

Aside from its cultural meaning, this set is also gorgeously colorful, with vivid, happy hues throughout.

A fabulous addition to, or start of, a collection of Native artifacts.



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Dance Stick is 42" long but separates into 4 pieces, Fan is 26", Gourd Rattle is 23"