Celestial Lapis and Silver Pendant


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This member of the Hopi Badger/ Butterfly clan is the nephew of famous carver Wilmer Kaye, son of noted jeweler Sherian Honhongva, and grandnephew of that magisterial artist, the late Charles Loloma. Not surprising that he himself has a fine reputation as both a kachina carver and jeweler!Here is a bit of the heavens captured for your jewelry box – or some lucky gift recipient. High quality lapis is set in a lovely, petal-like silver setting that enhances the stone without distracting from it. The deep blue lapis is sprinkled with tiny sparkling bits of pyrite (fool's gold) – a sign of fine quality. You have the illusion of staring deep into space when looking at this marvelous stone; the myriad glinting sparks are like the stars in the endless night sky.Gleaming sterling silver surrounding the stone repeats the curved, oval form, for pleasing harmony.A lovely pendant and a legacy of Indian art history, all in one. Give her (or yourself) the universe, with this star-spangled pendant.

Sterling Silver, Lapis

Width: 1″ Height: 1 1/2″ Depth: 5/8″