Cast Silver Figural Bolo


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Renowned as a sculptor, this artist, an official “Local Treasure” along with his wife, Althea, crossed over to her medium for this unique bolo.

The meticulously worked design was cleanly cast by machine from a mold carved by the artist’s hand.

This striking, versatile bolo is a natural offshoot of Joe’s award-winning work in bronze and clay sculpture.

Although only slightly raised, the flowing pattern on the headdress gives the illusion of being deeply three-dimensional.

The symbols are traditional: wavy lines on the headdress, and the zig-zag bisecting the dancer’s face, represent water, lightning and rain.

Water is a powerful symbol of abundance, happiness, and good health.

A handsome, unique design, with great meaning, this bolo will look exceptional, whatever you wear.


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Handmade Leather, Sterling Silver


Bolo is 2 1/2" W x 1 3/4" L | Cord is 38" L