Carved Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Necklace


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With the artistic genes of her Poblano family, and the influence of her former in-laws, Ben and Felicita Eustace, Charlotte brings the feather-and-stone style, popular in the 1970’s, up to date.

Brilliantly clear, natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise is carved into a symphony of shapes and sizes, all complementing the sparkling silver feathers that curl around each piece.

This radiantly blue turquoise has been a favorite of Zuni jewelers, since its beautifully clear color suggests both the sky and water.

Each delicate link in this gorgeous necklace is a finished piece in itself: it could be a separate pin, pendant, or earring if not joined together.

The effect of all these beautiful groupings of silver and carved turquoise is just dazzling.

The centerpiece, in every sense, is that magnificently graceful pendant.

With both solidity and open space, the daintily curved piece sets off the whole necklace with exquisite delicacy.

A breathtaking re-interpretation of a time-honored motif, this necklace is easy to wear, but has the allure of a squash-blossom necklace.

Sensational on a sweater, it will beautifully go out at night, too.

This is a piece for the ages, to revel in today. Enjoy it!

PS If you like your necklaces shorter, the hand made silver chain can be altered, either by hooking it into any of the round links, or taking off some links permanently.

Sterling Silver, Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Length: 27 1/4″Pendant Width: 2″ Pendant Height: 1 7/8″