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Carved Parrot Earrings


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These very special, and very appealing, parrot dangles are vintage; probably from the late 1970’s or the 1980’s.

We have lost track of the paperwork, but they are definitely Zuni carvings, and we believe they were made by Dan Simplicio, Jr.

His father, Dan Simplicio, passed away in 1969 and was revered as a major jewelry artist throughout his career.

These delightful parrots are carved in amazingly realistic detail, from their clearly defined forms, all along their feathered bodies to their parrot-y heads and beaks.

The dark green serpentine is another touch of naturalism, although not the red coral eyes. (They are a lovely contrast with the serpentine, though.)

A piece of fossilized walrus ivory cleverly stands in for their perch on a tree branch.

Tiny Royston turquoise heishi suspends each parrot, with sterling wires. The length, and wires, may be modified if you wish.

These parrots are for bird lovers, fun lovers, lovers of unique jewelry, lovers of fine carvings, – for everyone, actually.

They are adorable and really beautiful additions to your household, and will never make a mess.

The only squeaks and chirps you may hear will be those from admirers !



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Natural Fossil Ivory, Natural Red Coral, Natural Serpentine, Royston Turquoise., Sterling Silver


Parrots are 1 1/2" L x 1/2" W | Total length is 3 1/4" L