Carved Long-Hair and Eagle Dancer Seed Pot

Lawrence Namoki


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This noted Hopi potter’s skill in carving out layers of clay, and texturing and coloring the complex designs has been recognized with ribbons from every major Indian art show – and reference books as well.

This seed-pot qualifies as vintage (28 years old), and emerged from the back of a shelf just recently. The price is as old as the piece, so it is a real bargain.

On one side of the seed-pot is an eagle dancer, with feathered wings and a fluffy eagle feather on the head.

On the other side, a Long-Hair kachina emerges from the ancient kiva, surrounded by stylized eagle feathers.

Eagles carry prayers up to the heavens, and here the prayer for rain has been answered: the Long-Hair kachina’s long beard and hair represent rain.

The multiple layers of carved clay, the subtle variations in color, and the wood-like finish, are all characteristic of this revered artist.

HIs current work sells in four figures, or at least twice the cost of this, older piece.

The quality here is quintessential Lawrence Namoki, so be a smart collector and snap this up!

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