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Carved Lapis Pendant with Turquoise Dangle


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This intriguing pendant exhibits Jolene’s characteristic combination of antiqued and textured silver and natural turquoise combined with unusual stones, plus accents of 18-karat gold. She continues the legacy of her parents, Ben and Felicita Eustace, who were famed for jewelry featuring carved turquoise and coral leaves, or feathers, in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Jolene, however, always incorporates this family feature in her own, prize-winning way.

Featured here is a magnificent, large, natural lapis, carved to suggest the traditional feather or leaf. The first-quality stone is the rich, deep-space blue one expects, sprinkled with tiny flecks of gold pyrite, like the stars in the sky. A fine, natural Royston mine turquoise is cut into a teardrop shape and dangles below, supported by rounded forms of distressed and stamped silver.

In Jolene’s favorite style, the silver is cut and finished to look antique and rugged, setting off the spectacular stones. Brilliant accents of 18-karat gold gleam and glisten, in contrast to the dulled silver.

A round gold circle, warm and bright as the sun, sits just below the luscious blue lapis. the symbolism is the complete balance of nature: blue for water and sky; gold for the warm sun that complements it. More touches of gold link the two sections of the pendant; three tiny dots at the very top, and two more, one at each side of the turquoise. There is even another one at the back, where only you know it exists! The lower part of the piece features coiled forms – more water symbols – with stamped dots representing raindrops.

The whole piece is a composition of rounded triangles, and rounded forms. Notice how the two stones complement and complete each other, with each one pointing toward the other. The “ram horns” of silver in the center, point up the curves seen throughout the pendant. A subliminal reminder of her parents;’ work is the way the silver base is cut into irregular lobes, a bit like the edges of leaves or feathers.

Another remarkable jewel by this special artist. It could have been worn by a medieval princess, but is thoroughly 21-century in refinement and skill.

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18k Gold, Natural Lapis, Natural Royston Turquoise, Sterling Silver