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Carved Horned Toad


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The Hopi and the Zuni also have clans named after lizards, but horned toads are enormously sacred to the Navajo, since they were the only creatures to escape the fiery creation of the earth. This horned toad is carved with meticulous attention to detail – a hallmark of this fine carver.Natural beige serpentine, the color of desert sand, is a fine contrast to the three-dimensional, brilliant turquoise eyes. It is the breathtaking regularity and amount of the hand-carved scales that astound, however. Look closely, and you will see the variety of sizes and the amazing perfection. The head of this living descendant of dinosaurs is smoothly polished, in contrast. He has a charmingly friendly smile that demonstrates his amiable protectiveness. Carry him with you, as the Navajo do or, better, place him where his good-natured expression and virtuoso carving will delight you at every glance. Super protection, superior carving, and winsome expression, all in one!

Serpentine, Turquoise

Width: 2 1/4″ Height: 1 1/4″ Depth: 3 7/8″