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Carved Fossil Ivory Dangles


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One of the most high-profile artists in a large and respected family of jewelers, Jolene has literally carved her own niche.

Her late parents, Ben and Felicita Eustace, were famous for their carved turquoise stones, in the 1970’s; she continues that tradition in her own, award-winning way.

She still carve stones, but not necessarily turquoise, and more abstractly, as you can see here.

The settings are still hand-wrought sterling silver, but darkened and textured, with a distinctive, archaic look.

An additional innovation is the use of 18-karat gold accents, which bring shimmering warmth to the silver.

The tops of these lovely earrings are of natural, fossilized ivory. carved in an abstract swirl.

A bezel of textured silver, cut into free-form notches, holds the ivory.

Also notched asymmetrically, a narrow edge of the textured base forms a slender frame around the elongated top.

Glowing like a luminous harvest moon, a circle of 18-karat gold sits at the base, overlapping the hammered jump ring that connects top and dangle.

The dangle is beautifully delineated feather, symbol of prayer and hope. The silver is somewhat textured.

However, the feather’s spine is a continuation of the wrapped silver that attaches to the jump ring.

It is raised and gleaming, and echoes the graceful curve of the ivory’s carving.

Another gold circle sits at the tip of the feather, bringing the warm hues of the ivory and gold to the bottom of the earring.

A distinguished example of this artist’s exceptional work. And fun to wear, too.



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Fossilized Walrus Tusk Ivory, Sterling silver I 18-Karat Gold


3" L x 1/2" W