Carved Avanyu Bowl


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Daughter of Teresa Gutierrez, her work takes her mother’s well-known, stone-polished black ware into a different dimension.

Noted for her amazingly deep and precise carving, this accomplished artist has been cited in many publications and reference books.

The little bowl shown here is a fine example of her remarkable work.

At first glance, the design appears to be an intricate, but abstract, pattern.

On close observation, the design resolves into the classic Pueblo Avanyu, or water serpent. (In the second photo, to the right, you can see its head and spiky tongue, almost reaching the end of its tail.)

A powerful good luck symbol, since water is a super-precious resource in the high desert, Avanyu also lends itself to the round forms of pottery, since it is circular in interpretation.

Below Avanyu is a band of stepped rain, and other water symbols.

Each element is carved deeply into the clay, with amazing precision and clarity.

Unlike many carved pots, which tend to have softened edges, Marie’s are knife-edged sharp, as well as deep and beautifully finished.

The stone polish is glossy as ice, just like her mother’s, which contrasts beautifully with the matte background of the designs.

The complex design, executed with deep carving, and covering the whole surface of the bowl, gives the piece a remarkable appearance, almost like embroidery.

This intricacy is as much a feature of Marie Suazo’s work as the meticulous carving and exquisite polish.

All that is present in this perfectly formed, eye-catching bowl.


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Natural Handmade Clay


4 1/2" diameter x 2 1/2" H