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Carnelian Tablita Pendant


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A prodigiously gifted jeweler from Isleta Pueblo, Vernon has a favorite, energetic design, which looks like a burst of abstract feathers.

Feathers represent prayers and hopes, sent up to the heavens. Here, they form the tablita (headdress) of an abstract face.

Flawlessly cut out, and overlaid on silver, the design features a regular pattern of two different feather designs.

They are arrayed in a shortened oval, alternating a jagged-edged feather with a plain one.

The flat surfaces gleam like headlights against the dark background.

Under this animated headdress, a large, flawless, natural carnelian glows with rich, translucent warmth.

The limpid oval is a serene contrast to the textured feathers and rope-like bezel.

Carnelians have been treasured since antiquity, prized for jewelry by Egypt’s pharoahs and ancient Romans, and cameo carvers through the ages.

It has been a favored “worry stone”,  used to relieve stress, from medieval Britain to the modern Middle East.

Its deep, warm red color is a brilliant contrast to the glistening, icy polish of the silver around it.

Yin and yang, of color, texture and surfaces, is beautifully manipulated by this notable jeweler.

The result? A splendid pendant that links you with ancient royalty, but that you can wear with jeans, today.

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Natural Carnelian, Sterling Silver


2 3/8" L x 2" W