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Carnelian and Honeycomb Posts


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Sister to famed sculptor (and jeweler) Estella Loretto, Glenda is a noted artist, as well.

She creates jewelry based on nature, which offers a variety of textures that she then casts from life.

These intriguingly different earrings feature a honeycomb-cast silver bottom, and a natural carnelian top, wreathed in polished silver.

Carnelian, with its translucent, deep red hue, has been a favored stone from the ancient Pharaohs, to our own time.

The cast silver honeycomb is the same on both sides – nothing to hide! – and has been antiqued, so only the raised lines gleam.

This emphasizes the wonderful geometry and texture of Nature’s own design.

Above, the domed carnelian glows within its circular setting. Polished silver, twisted into a rope, frames it prettily.

The size and shape are echoes, but not exact copies, of the honeycomb pattern.

Nature proposed; the artist disposed, with fine workmanship and flair.

Unusual and eye-catching, these posts are a fine size for everyday wear.

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Natural Carnelian, Sterling Silver


1 1/4" L x 5/8" W