Carico Lake Turquoise Buckle


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With a reputation for exquisite inlay work in colorful, modern pieces, this internationally collected jeweler demonstrates his skill at timeless, traditional work, as well.

This buckle is a flawlessly chiseled and stamped concho style.

The real star, however, is the magnificent, large, natural Carico Lake turquoise.

From Nevada, highest quality Carico Lake turquoise is prized for the sunny, spring-green color, seen in this piece.

That green comes from the zinc in its make-up.

Cariso Lake’s scarcity makes it a coveted collector’s turquoise; its beauty makes it appealing to all.

The oval form of the stone dictated the form of the silver buckle. an oval of tapered rays fans out from the turquoise, ending in little shell-like stamped designs.

The outer border of the silver is scalloped, and stamped with larger versions of that fluted stamp.

Deceptively simple in appearance, the harmonious artistry of the design, the sumptuous, rare turquoise, and the meticulous hand stamping make this buckle a prize

Wear it proudly now, and for generations to come.


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