Canyon Landscape



Son of the late Cliff Peshlakai, a noted artist as well, Chris has a gift for imbuing his landscapes with a serenity that goes beyond mere realism.

Exceptionally talented and entirely self-taught, his paintings – like this one – come alive by including meticulous detail and a majestic sense of space.

Notice how the trees and grasses in the foreground show every leaf and blade of greenery, it seems, while the minute detail gets less and less evident as the scene recedes into the distance.

Dark shadows contrast with the warm hues of the rocky cliffs, so they seem to glow in the sunlight.

Above, wispy clouds streak across the sky, whose blue varies in lovely shades of violet and turquoise. A lone eagle soars above.

The horizontal arrangement of the composition adds to the feeling of silent calm and solitude.

Framed by the artist, this painting is ready to hang in your home, giving you a “window” to the glorious vastness of the Navajo lands.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Wood Frame


24" L x 18 3/4" H