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Canteen-Carrying Koshare


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A son of the noted potter Fannie Loretto, sibling of super-stars Kathy Wall, and multi-talented Adrian Wall, Marcus follows the family tradition in making creative, prize-winning pieces.

Like his sister, he especially is noted for pottery figures like this Koshare, a Pueblo clown.

These figures, black and white striped in real life, are instantly recognizable, and a favorite with collectors and artists, alike.

At Jemez, they assume ceremonial duties, but also entertain the assembled onlookers.

This fellow seems pleased with himself, offering two canteens, presumably of water for the dancers.

One canteen is painted with a cornstalk, symbol of prosperity, health and happiness; the other is decorated with a geometric design incorporating lightning and water symbols.

Both canteens refer to good luck, and the base he stands on is also decorated with a host of water designs: parallel lines meaning rainfall; stepped shapes referring to rain.

That base is meant to represent a drum, with the strong triangular lines referring to the cords that hold a drum together.

He was made in strict accordance with tradition, of  local, hand-gathered, natural clay, natural red clay slip, and black paint from steeped wild spinach plants.

Hand coiled, smoothed, painted, and pit-fired, this genial Koshare is happy to help out at ceremonies, and to bring his good humor to your house, all the time.

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Dried Corn Husks, Felt, Natural Clay I Red Clay Slip I Vegetal Paint


15 1/2" H x 6" W x 5 1/2" Deep