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Candelaria Turquoise Ring


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Superb stones, and remarkable silverwork – what more is there to say? Except that Marco Begaye is a highly reputed, award-winning talent, whose work is collected nationwide. Beautiful stones, beautiful workmanship, beautiful design; all hallmarks of this noted artist’s work, all present in this splendid ring.Connaisseurs of turquoise know that high-grade, spiderweb turquoise is a real find. This large natural Candelaria turquoise is top quality in every way. Precise triangles of deep red, natural coral complement the blue-green turquoise color, traditionally representing the sky (turquoise) and the earth (coral). Matching the quality of the stones, the excellent silverwork is as precise as it is beautiful. The stone is embraced by a hand cut bezel. Satisfyingly sturdy silver is both chiseled and appliqueed. On either side of the stone, beautifully shaped feathers stand out against the darkened background. In the center of each fan of feathers, are two little circles of silver -like the sun and moon. These echo the shape of the turquoise. The play of straight lines, angles, and the gorgeous stone, is harmonious; each element stands out, but also works with the others to form a stunning whole.A solid reputation based on flawless work, splendid design, and a superb stone: this is why Marco’s work is so highly prized.This larger size may be sized down somewhat.

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Coral, Natural Candelaria Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size



Face size: 3/4"


Face Size: 7/8", Stone: 7/16"