Candelaria Turquoise Feather Bracelet


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Acclaimed for his artistry and his skill, this award-winning jeweler uses only the highest quality stones, as is evident in this magnificent bracelet.

A trio of irreplaceable, large, perfect, natural Candelaria turquoise stones embellish a dramatic, yet graceful, array of applied silver motifs.

The silver cuff is formed of seven flat bars, to support the size of the splendid stones.

Each of the oval turquoise stones is a vibrant, blue-green, laced with matrix in both delicate webs, and a few areas of golden brown.

Each stone is embraced by a plain silver bezel, surrounded by a border of substantial silver wire, cut into a rope design. A trio of shiny silver globes surmounts each turquoise, with the same at the bottom.

At the center, the long, graceful oval of turquoise is also flanked by a larger silver globe, at each side.

These seem to represent the heads of an applied silver bird, abstract in form, with outspread wings, that are daintily stamped.

Overlapping the top and bottom bars of the cuff are four sprays of abstract feathers, two on either side of the turquoise.

The bars of the cuff are dotted with tiny stamped circles, as are the bodies of the bird forms.

Dots usually represent drops of water, so that may be the theme of the design: turquoise is blue as the sky and water; feathers send prayers for water, and birds carry those prayers up to the heavens.

Water, of course, is extremely precious in the high desert of Navajo lands.

The exceptional stones are remarkable, in the size and quality of the turquoise.

They, together with the heft of the silver, and the meticulous workmanship throughout, brought this uniquely handsome design to reality.

Arland Ben is a major name in contemporary Native jewelry, as his many awards attest; this bracelet is a major piece, destined to be cherished and admired, for generations.

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