Calcite Buffalo Sculpture



Dale was mentored by prominent artists Charles Pratt and Bruce LaFountain, even while attending the Institute for American Indian Arts, in Santa Fe.

At his graduation, Dale received the T.C.Cannon Award for artistic and academic excellence, and other prestigious awards came fast and abundant, after that, and are still accumulating.

This gorgeous buffalo is abstract, but conveys all the attributes of the iconic Lord of the Plains: his massive heft, impressive bulk, etc.

The beautiful stone seems to have captured the sun, radiating its golden warmth from within.

Delicately translucent, the variations in density of hue, and the white-ish markings of the stone, give the piece the insubstantiality of a legendary creature.

Massive, but delicate, this glowing buffalo is a masterful sculpture, by a master sculptor.

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13 1/2: W x 7 1/2" H x 4 1/4" Deep