Buzzard with Shoes


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Talented Navajo artist, Matt Yellowman, who is well known for his colorful and enticing folk art figures, has expertly brought this proud buzzard to life. Made from the root of a cottonwood tree and flawlessly painted, this buzzard stands tall, looking up toward the sun, an almost tangible feeling of longing in his eyes. According to Navajo legend, the buzzard was chosen to fly to the Creator to get clothing for the birds, so this carving has a more dignified meaning than being just a carrion. Matt Yellowman has exquisitely captured the weight of his journey in this unusual piece.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a pair of shoes adorning the bird’s feet, and Matt didn’t disappoint.  This regal bird is clad in deerskin moccasins, which adds the bit of whimsy we have come to expect from this wonderful artist! A funny folk art carving, a serious folk tale representation, and a really different piece for your folk art collection.

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Dead Cottonwood Root, Paint


14 1/2"


3 1/2"


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