Butterfly Olla with Lid


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A large man who creates minuscule pots, this artist is a perennial award-winner for his miniatures at shows across the country and abroad.

He looks at reference books for historic pottery styles, then makes them in this tiny scale, using traditional methods.

The clay is hand made, the piece is hand formed, the colors are natural clay slips, and/or plant derived; painted by hand with one fiber of a yucca leaf, the pot is pit-fired.

The butterfly perched on the top, is actually a lid! Stylized butterflies decorate the body of the piece, lined up like the Rockettes all around the center.

With or without the stopper, this tiny olla is a lovely piece for all miniature lovers, doll-house furnishers, and pottery collectors in general.



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Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips, Plant Pigment


1 1/8" H x 3/4" diameter