Butterfly Necklace

Mary Tom


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This gifted, award-winning jeweler is now working on her own, and has created a dramatic, extraordinary necklace.

Butterflies help pollinate plants (and crops), so they are good luck symbols as well as lovely to watch.

Here a gorgeous, textured silver butterfly is inlaid with premium stones.

Scalloped stamps border the scalloped edges of the shapely wings, adding to the lacy effect.

Brilliant blue, natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise lights up the piece, along with mellow, natural salmon coral (a color much favored by the Navajo, for themselves).

This traditional pairing of stones symbolizes the balance of sky and water, and the land and sun; a core Navajo ideal.

A beautifully shaped, natural azurite, combining lapis and malachite in one stone, forms the main body of the butterfly.

Suggesting how the butterfly flits from flower to flower, two pairs of silver flowers adorn the handmade chain, above the center pendant.

These are textured to match that on the butterfly, with a gleaming, plain silver dot shining in the center.

And there is the chain, a wonderful example of the silversmith’s art and skill.

Flat, shimmering silver, rectangular links are alternated with twisted wire circles, complementing the texture and plain silver in the butterfly and flowers.

Every bit of the necklace is flawlessly hand fabricated, even the sturdy hook and eye clasp.

Splendid stones, remarkable design, and meticulous workmanship, combine to create a gorgeous necklace that brings Spring to your wardrobe, all year long.

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