Butterfly Maiden Kachina

Delwyn Harvey


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A  gifted, self-taught carver, Delwyn Harvey’s work is collected all over the world. His “dolls” are known for their precision and cultural accuracy – which is the the purpose of kachinas,.

The carvings were used as children’s teaching tools, especially for little girls, as well as creative outlets and home decoration. They still are, as well as being a commercial commodity, now.

The carving here is meticulous, and detailed. Look at the realistic coloration and drape of the clothes, the hand positions and fingers, the feathers, the lovely form of the wings….

The list is as long as all the elements of the carving. And the details carry onto the base: green grasses sprout from the rocky ledges she stands on.

Butterfly Maiden symbolizes the butterfly’s role in propagating plants, resulting in bountiful crops. Happiness, good health and prosperity result from that.

This Butterfly Maiden is beautifully carved and painted; she carries two eagle feathers, representing prayers (for a good harvest) rising up to the heavens.

Colorful and attractive, she is a popular subject for carvers, with an important meaning, as well.

Lovely to look at, and authentically, artistically and skillfully rendered, this is a wonderful kachina with a message of good luck, created by a fine carver.



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