Butterfly-Lidded Red Swirl Pot


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An award-winning design by this gifted younger potter. When not busy with her teaching profession, she follows the celebrated tradition of her mother, Maxine, sister Dominique, aunt Laura Gachupin, cousin Gordon Foley, and late grandmother, Marie G. Romero – prize-winners all. This beautifully formed pot has precisely hand-cut swirls that gleam. The local clays were gathered, mixed, coiled, smoothed, carved, stone-polished, painted with natural clay slips and wild-spinach-brewed black and pit-fired, all by hand. Except for the refinement of the design and execution, this could have been made generations, if not centuries, ago. The addition of a graceful butterfly finial on the lid is Camilla’s lovely creation. Traditional in its making, but with an engaging modern look, this ravishing pot brings the past and the present together. Beautifully splendid in every way!

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7 14" h ( with lid) x 6 1/4" diameter


Natural Clays I Wild Spinach Pigment