Butterfly Basket

Rose Ann Whiskers


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A delightfully pretty, and excellently woven, basket by “one of the finest contemporary basket weavers working today”. Thanks to her, and a few others, this exacting medium is not quite a dying art.


A member of the Southern Paiute tribe, from around Tuba City, Arizona, her group lives near the famed Black family of Navajo basket weavers. Similar materials are used by both tribes, as here: dried sumac, yucca, willow, etc,, with “nature’s colors”.


A traditional stepped design creates a border around the central design, the age-old symbol for rain. Rain and pollinating butterflies help crops to thrive, so the design is not only enchanting, it brings very good luck. A tightly coiled row of russet encircles the five colorful butterflies. All the soft colors are complementary to each other, and show up beautifully against the natural-hued, dried coils. Each butterfly, and every element, is crisply delineated.


In a size that is easy to display, the amazingly tight weave is joined by a beautiful design in ravishing colors and pattern. This is a wonderful example of this award-winning basket artist’s painstaking work.


By the way, the small break in the coiled row around the center is called a “spirit line”. It is meant to allow the creative spirit of the artist to escape,to be available again, in future. When displaying the basket, make sure that this little gap is at the top.

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Sumac, Vegetal and Dyed Colors, Willow, Yucca


7 1/2" diameter x 1" high