Butterfly Bag


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A handsome, unexpected – and useful –  way to combine tradition and 21st-century life.

Known for her painted handbags, this Navajo artist brought us a smaller bag, that would be wonderful for cell phones, glasses, credit card holder, or just keys and stuff.

Hand-sewn, heavy canvas is decorated with a beautiful painting of a butterfly.

Butterflies are happy omens, since they help to propagate plants and crops.

This butterfly’s wings are decorated with water, rain, and prayer symbols, in a creative, modern style.

Angular lines represent waterways, dots represent drops of water, and the tapered and rounded forms at the bottom symbolize eagle feathers.

Water is the most precious resource in the high desert, and eagle feathers traditionally are signs of prayers, soaring up to the heavens.

Aside from spiritual meaning, the painting on the bag incorporates a wonderful collection of colors that sing of beauty and life: green for thriving plant life, brown and red for the earth, blue and purple for water and sky, pink for flowers, etc.

Vibrant, decorative, and handy, this little bag is a novel way to express Navajo culture in a way that is useful to contemporary life!

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Cotton Cord, Metallic Paint, Acrylic Paint, Canvas


6 3/4" L x 4 3/8" W