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Butterfly and Planting Olla


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This couple collaborate beautifully, and their pots are beautiful, too. This olla has four different vignettes, all related to encouraging a fruitful harvest.

One on side of the pot, expertly formed and smoothed by Elizabeth, Marcellus has painted a lovely butterfly, with delicately shaded wings and body, hovering over a more solid flowering plant, surrounded by petals floating in the air.

Another scene shows a Kokopelli dancer, with a blowpipe. He is blowing the seeds seen as dots, in his arched body, along with arched shapes the denote rain. The evergreen sprig in one hand, the eagle feathers, and fringed sash are all sensitively and realistically painted.

A third vignette features the traditional Pueblo bird motif, with its tail looking like raindrops and feathers, both. It is centered among the same flowers as the butterfly segment, opposite on the pot. A frame of parallel lines surrounds the scene, denoting rain – that precious commodity in the high desert.

Not shown in this series, the fourth  side portrays a female dancer in full regalia. Her long dark hair, traditional dress, fringed armlet, and sprigs of plants are as beautifully painted, with meticulous detail and three-dimensional effect, as the Kokopelli and butterfly.

All the symbols refer to prayers for a healthy planting season, and a good harvest, which will result in happiness, good health and abundance. Like all the work of this highly respected couple, the form and finish of the pot is in graceful accord with the painted designs. Good luck and good looks, in one  handsome piece.

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5 3/4" high x 4 7/8 diameter