Butterflies in Hand


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A founding member of the Indigenous Sculptors Society, this petite dynamo won first place ribbons in clothing, jewelry, and painting, as well as sculpture, at the same Santa Fe Indian Market, several years ago!

Here, the gifted artist has merged her love for sculpture and the natural world, creating poetry out of five, different, inert materials.

In this moving ode to the beauty of nature, a tall, solid but shapely, arm rises from a base of granite. The sleek white marble contrasts pleasingly with the speckled, matte granite.

The gracefully posed hand serves as a perch for a butterfly of ethereal peach alabaster, while a black soapstone butterfly, also decoratively incised, alights on the palm.

A sweetly plump bird of solid, warm brown wood sits on the granite base, next to the arm.

Hands are notoriously difficult to portray, in art, considered a test of the artist’s ability; this hand is brilliant in execution, and so is the arm.

Anatomically natural, the hand is proportional to the sturdy arm, and subtly but stunningly detailed – look at the fingernails, and creases in the flexed joints.

The natural textures of each of the five materials vary, adding visual interest. Curved and straight forms, as well as smooth and decorated surfaces, are beautifully complementary.

The dominant solidity of the marble arm, the granite base, and the compact form of the bird allow the dainty curves and incised designs of the butterflies to contrast beautifully.

Strong, yet delicate, smooth and textured, realistic, yet simplified, this lovely sculpture is a remarkable love-letter to the connection between humans and nature.

The prominent, award-winning artist wears her heart on her sleeve, so to speak when it comes to this wonderful earth of ours, and all its creatures.

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