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Bunny Seed Pot


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Fine pottery from Casas Grande, Mata Ortiz, northern Mexico, is made by descendants of southwestern Pueblo people who fled the return of the Spaniards, after the failed Pueblo Revolt of 1680.

Ancient shards were accidently uncovered in the 1970’s, and the villages in the area now are thriving centers of local pottery-making.

The techniques are identical to those used by their Pueblo kin in the North, but with a broader range of designs, since the Paquime potters are not bound by the same traditions.

This utterly delightful seed pot is a case in point: local clay was gathered, mixed, coiled, and smoothed by hand, then covered with a clay slip that turned black – permanently – when the firing was smothered with dried sheep or horse manure.

After stone-polishing the entire pot, the marvelous bunny design was scratched out, along with the lacy background.

The bunnies are in a variety of poses, and all are plump and adorable.

Well-made, traditionally made, and with a charming design, this is a wonderful pot that would be so much more expensive north of the Rio Grande!

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Hand Processed Local Clay


5 1/4" Diameter x 3 1/2" H