Bunny Friendship Pot


Folk-arty clay friendship bowl with 5 bunny “children” on rim and carrot at the bottom, inside. Bunnies are painted in pink, glittery purple, and cream. Exterior of bowl is mottled with white paint on tan natural clay base, and painted in black with cornstalks, stars, and stepped motifs.

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Friendship bowls commemorate an old Pueblo tradition, according to the artist.

Before running water in homes, people would put out pottery bowls to catch rain water.

Children would gather to see how much water had collected, peering into the bowl.

This charming piece illustrates that tradition in a new, personal way, with creativity and humor.

Hand-gathered natural clay is coiled and smoothed according to tradition.

Instead of children, five, adorable little bunnies are perched around the rim, painted in Easter colors of white, pink, and glittery purple!

At the bottom of the pot, instead of water, there is a bright orange carrot – no wonder the bunnies look so happy!

The exterior of the pot is marbled in white paint. Two cornstalks, a star, and stepped rain motifs, in black paint, like the bunnies’ whiskers, are the decorations.

The artist has enclosed a card explaining the tradition of friendship bowls so you don’t have to memorize it.

Delightful, charming, engaging, appealing, and winsome, this captivating friendship bowl has no pretension to seriousness; it just makes you smile, every time you look at it.

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