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Bumblebee Jasper Pendant with Dancers


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A Choctaw who has lived and worked in California for a long time, George Willis’ remarkable work is eagerly collected all over the nation, and abroad, as well.

His pieces are truly unique, since he follows his own varied inspirations rather than the more usual ideas seen in other jewelers’ work.

He favors exotic stones, and fabricates every bit of each piece by hand. The result, as here, is jewelry that is exceptional in every way.

This pendant features a smoothly finished and rounded piece of natural “bumblebee” jasper, set in feather-shaped silver.

The pale, warm beige coloration is reminiscent of the cliffs of the Great Plains. At the bottom, in a shadowbox, a beautifully detailed Plains figure dances, in full regalia.

Formed of 14-karat gold, the face, arms, legs, feathers on his head, and those fanned on his back, and his moccasins, are distinctly fashioned.

A darkened half-circle seems to indicate the horizon, with a lighter sky and a dark cloud, beyond. The silver edges are textured.

A silver bail is partly brilliant polish,  and partly with an asymmetrical slash of pebbly dome-lets. This swivels easily, so the other side of the pendant can be revealed, and worn, easily.

This side is simpler, and more graphic. Against the hardened background of the jasper, a meticulously formed buffalo dancer, in mid-step, is framed in a textured, pointed silver arch.

The theme of Plains dancers is the same on both sides; this look is totally different, making two distinct pendants in one!

A marvelous, innovative pendant that is exquisitely fabricated by hand, by this extraordinary artist.



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Bumblebee Jasper | 14-Karat Gold | Sterling Silver


2 1/2" H x 1" W x 3/8" Deep