Bumblebee Jasper Bolo


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“Chino” and”Acoma”, together, usually bring to mind fine pottery.

This Chino, from Acoma, is considered a master jeweler, noted for extravagantly robust silver work and uncommon stones.

Painstakingly hand fabricated in sterling silver, using several techniques, this bolo is as handsome as it is unusual.

Applied repousse forms serpentine-like shapes over cut-out edges around the bolo.

Crisp, overlaid, stepped rain symbols decorate the outside of the shadowbox-set stone, with chiseled rain and stepped lines on the outer border.

Tiny fluted beads twinkle between the gleaming silver arabesques, at top and bottom, and along each side.

They emphasize the beautifully symmetrical and ornamental design.

Encased in its shadowbox setting, is a surprising stone: a natural jasper called “Bumblebee” because of its vibrant yellow-gold striations, coupled with darker, near-black and grey bands.

Even the tips are special, with all-over texture and cross-hatched bottoms. They complement the elaborate and exquisite silver work, but do not detract from it.

Some Chinos make beautiful pottery; this Chino creates breathtaking jewelry, with meticulous technique and artistic bravura.



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