Buffalo Warrior Painting

Bennie Nelson (Yellowman)


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A renowned, award-winning painter, and outspoken advocate for Native causes, Yellowman often paints powerful, close-up portraits of warriors.

Although Navajo himself, Bennie married a Kiowa, and frequently portrays figures from that culture, as seen here.

The figure is serious, and exudes a sense of power and integrity. He is ornately clad in full formal, ceremonial regalia.

Painted with the artist’s famously skilled detail, every material is meticulously depicted:  the shaggy pelt of the buffalo headdress and the texture of the horns; the beaded band across the forehead;the feathers, the bear tooth necklace, and fur ruff; the fingers, hands, feathers and draped robe.

You can almost count the hairs on the buffalo headdress, and the beads in that band.

As rich in color as in detail,  the painting glows like a stained glass window.

In the dream-like background, a herd of horses gallops across the surface. This evokes the Plains tribes’ reliance on the horse, in peace and war.

Custom matted and framed, this is both decorative and authentic. A striking and beautiful painting, with wonderful color and feeling.

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