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Buffalo Warrior


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Grandson of a medicine man, the artist grew up absorbing the stories of his culture, as told by his grandfather.

A graduate of Southern Utah University, he eventually returned to his homeland and began interpreting those childhood stories in his own, award-winning way. John has won many awards for his paintings and masks, including awards at the Intertribal Ceremonial in Gallup and the Santa Fe Indian Market. In his art, he expresses his own interpretations of his childhood learning with the utmost care and respect.

This wall hanging, a departure from the Yei masks he normally produces, is made from the same clay and paint, though it shows the story of a person instead of celebrating a Yei. Note the petroglyphs, symbols of old, on the wall above and around the three-dimensional warrior. The warrior pops out on the front of the wall-hanging, the main subject of this clay masterpiece, with natural feathers coming from the top of his head.

A unique work of art, by a celebrated artist, in an unconventional medium and style, this is a special piece that needs a special place in your home!


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8 3/4"


Clay, natural feathers, leather, acrylic paint