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Buffalo Painting


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Ferdinand the Bull was famed for preferring to smell the flowers, rather than fighting.

This furry buffalo looks to be a kindred soul, peacefully standing, surrounded by a riot of color that resembles a  field of wildflowers.

The young painter is known for his exuberant use of color and liking for native wildlife.

This buffalo is wonderfully massive, with naturalistic, lowered head and furry pelt. Despite his bulk, he seems friendly and approachable.

The contrast between the dark, but warm, brown mass of the animal, and the bright, happy dots of color surrounding it, is a wonderful, visual feast.

Exhilarating in its whirl of colors and forms, this painting will wake up the space, wherever you hang it. (I can see it in a child’s room, or as part of a folk art collection.)

Appealing in subject and delightful color, this is a charming piece of art.

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12" W x 10" H framed


Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Wood Frame