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Buffalo Nickel Leather Bag


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Right in style now, this soft deerskin bag feels as good as it looks. The metal cones create a lovely jingle when it moves, so it sounds wonderful, too. The only adornment, aside from the fringes, is a buffalo nickel clasp – a sly bit of edgy Native humor. Perfect to use as a small purse, the size is larger than a medicine pouch, but smaller than the purpose-made handbags.This is probably the size of tobacco pouches, but it is great for holding credit cards, wallet and lipstick, for instance.Major fashion impact with a slightly snarky joke, at a really fine price – perfect with our jewelry and a sexy pair of boots.

Natural Deerskin Leather, Buffalo Nickels, Tin Cones

Hangs 19″ L Total, 4 3/4″ W x 5 1/2″ L Bag, 5″ L Fringe, 16″ L Strap (Two)