Buffalo Head Pendant with White Buffalo Stone


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Known for his impressionistic paintings, as much as he is honored for beautiful, award-winning jewelry, this multi-talented artist is also a community leader, advocate for Native artists, and a dedicated basketball coach.

And his father was one of the heroic Navajo Code Talkers, who helped to win the war in the Pacific, during WWII!

Here is another pendant acknowledging the King of the Plains; this one features an amazingly patterned White Buffalo stone!

The stone is high domed, exhibiting a stunning contrast of blacks, grays, and whites, reminiscent of snow covering the ground.

This fascinating, high-grade stone dominates your attention, with its tapered and elevated shape that also recalls a buffalo’s massive head.

Surrounding this impressive is silverwork that is just as remarkable.

Curved and tapered horns are naturalistic in shape and proportion.

A highly polished “beard” is at the bottom of the piece, with realistically uneven edges.

Around the stone, is a sturdy, toothed bezel, and a band of rope-chiseled silver.

At the top, an inversely tapered form is lightly hand-stamped, hiding the handmade bale.

This pendant is beautifully balanced in design, with polish and depth expertly proportioned.

It is traditional in subject, but with a modern edge.

Creative, impeccably fabricated, and with a stunning stone, this pendant is another smash hit for this super-talented artist!

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