“Buffalo Dancers” Painting



Working from his own inspiration,  this well-known artist creates paintings based on Navajo mythology and stories.

His great-grandfather, a medicine man, raised him, imparting the stories and lore of Navajo tradition.

After art school and college, David returned to his home in Keams Canyon and began a notable career depicting memories of those childhood teachings.

He expresses his vision with great care and respect because his always aware of the sacred nature of the symbols and information in his paintings.

In “Buffalo Dancers” there are three clearly defined Buffalo Dancers front and center, dressed in traditional regalia. Their faces are less defined, and many of the details of their garb are left slightly blurred or fuzzy. All around the foreground are petroglyphs depicting buffalo, lightning with arrowheads, and the journey through life. There is also a star, most likely depicting the four directions.

According to Navajo cultural beliefs, The Holy People put four sacred mountains in four different directions, Mt. Blanca to the east, Mt. Taylor to the south, San Francisco Peak to the west, and Mt. Hesperus to the north. The four directions are also represented by four colors: White Shell represents the east, Turquoise the south, Yellow Abalone the west, and Jet Black the north.

All of this is done in David’s well-known, colorful, and semi-abstract style.

A small painting full of mythical lore and beautiful technique brought to us by a prominent artist still at the peak of his powers…Enjoy the work and the message.

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Acrylic on Canvas