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Brushed Silver Band


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This award-winning jeweler keeps delighting us with his creative variations on a minimalist, but traditional, theme.

A simple, stylish and beautiful ring, beautifully executed, seems very modern.

However, the parallel lines, which are the only ornamentation on the barely concave band, traditionally refer to rainfall.

Rain and water are powerful symbols of good luck, happiness, good health, and prosperity for the desert swelling Navajo.

The silver background is lightly brushed to a pleasing, subtle texture, while the chiseled lines show up beautifully.

The simplest pieces are often the most difficult to achieve since there is no distraction from any slips.

There are absolutely no slip-ups here, just pristine simplicity with subtle touches.

A refined and handsome design that is sophisticated, modern, understated, and easy to wear.

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Sterling Silver

Ring Size

6 1/2


1/2" W