Brown Leather Pouch with Horsehair



Signed “Kass”, this was made by a relative of noted Navajo jeweler Lonn Parker, Jr., who brought it in, together with two others.Little bags like this one were used to store amulets or cornmeal, and worn on the person at all times. Cornmeal is used by Navajos for blessings and prayers; Zuni might carry tiny fetishes for protection or hunting luck. Hand made of nubbly textured leather, it is embellished with a handsomely arranged strap of beads in a richly tawny palette. An iridescent abalone shell decorates the flap, along with brass and espresso-dark beads, as well as tin cones. Natural white horsehair tassels flow from the hand stamped brass cones, while each of the bottom corners have beaded tassels to finish off the hand sewn buckskin.A less traditional use might be to hold credit cards and a lipstick, mad money, or some other necessity, for an unencumbered but fashionable, casual outing. A great accessory for those fashionable cowboy boots and/or suede jacket.

Leather, Abalone Shell, Beads, Horsehair, Brass & Tin Cones

Hangs 17″ L Total, 3 1/4″ W x 3″ L, 14″ L Strap